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Memories last forever and each one is unique. Every memory is related to different places either internal or external and every individual builds his own memories depending on his own experiences. Memories are created in a space, so, we can argue that all memories have an ‘architectural background’. Architecture, like memory, consists of various images. Memory, like architecture, builds through a combination of images, a context that helps people to have an understanding of time and space. People who have different images of spaces in their memory are placed in this context and create their personal perception of each space separately.

At Kailistudio, founded in 2021, we consider important that places should be created in such a way to connect with people. In different places people can have unique experiences by engaging their senses and maintaining them in their memories. In this respect, practice’s  approach is to create places that can offer people something special, a combination of senses and strong emotions, all of which will remain in their memory.

Artists, architects and makers who complete studio’s team have as a main goal to create unique buildings or designs, which attracts the attention of the viewer. Often we find ourselves negotiating, and embracing, complex relationships between new and old techniques to arrive at buildings that are generous in detail and strong in form.

As a studio we have adopted digital production and custom fabrication as a way to be more experimental and expressive with the design process. We deliver projects in collaboration with a growing network of craftspeople, suppliers, fabricators, and makers who share our curiosity and sense of experimentation.

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